Scented flameless candles: transforming sustainability into luxury.




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FLVME (Flameless) Candle Co. is a candle company specializing in luxury, scented, flameless candles developed by Achillies P&T.

Achilles P&T is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of quality, wax-burning candles with over 30 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest companies. With an interest in expanding their business and product offerings, Achilles developed a technology for a proprietary, flameless wax candle.

The ask

The ask

Project scope

Transforming sustainability into luxury.

Tasked with launching Achilles' innovative new product, Jasmine found herself not only developing the product's brand identity but also crafting a comprehensive brand strategy. Achilles, a manufacturer with established expertise in B2B sales, sought to venture into the direct-to-consumer (DTC) market with a unique, high-quality offering.

Recognizing the exceptional ingredients and fragrances employed in Achilles' product, Jasmine initiated the project with extensive market research within the luxury candle space, encompassing both flameless and burning wax candles. This analysis revealed Achilles' potential to compete effectively within the high-end market segment. Leveraging these insights, Jasmine meticulously narrowed the focus and strategically positioned Achilles' brand and product as "FLVME Candle Co.," establishing a distinct identity tailored for the North American market.

The strategy

The strategy

Design with purpose

The solution

The solution


FLVME, Achilles' groundbreaking new product, defied convention, and its branding mirrored that very essence. Jasmine meticulously crafted a brand identity that reflected the product's unique nature, ensuring it stood out within the crowded luxury candle market. This strategic approach aimed to capture the attention of discerning consumers seeking an unparalleled experience.

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