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Jasmine's creative talents extend beyond traditional design into the realm of event branding. She played a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity and overall experience of Pacific Bitcoin, a leading Bitcoin conference on the West Coast.

Jasmine's involvement began during the inaugural year, where she refined the brand's logo, color palette, typography, and other design elements. These choices aimed to create a visually striking and cohesive identity that resonated with the core principles of the Bitcoin community.

Building upon this foundation, Jasmine stepped into the role of Brand Director for the second year of Pacific Bitcoin. In this capacity, she oversaw the molding of the conference's visual and experiential character. Her influence extended beyond aesthetics, playing a key role in crafting and managing the overall atmosphere. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that every element, from the website and ticket designs to social media, motion graphics, and even furniture and decor, harmonized seamlessly.

For more information, please visit their website at pacificbitcoin.com.

Main stage area: stage design, furniture and video graphic
The ask

The ask

Project scope

Create a memorable experience that exceeds the standard Bitcoin conference

Jasmine's initial mission for Pacific Bitcoin was to establish a captivating brand identity for its inaugural conference. The primary goal was to position Pacific Bitcoin as a premier destination within the Bitcoin conference landscape. This involved crafting a distinct visual identity, developing marketing materials, and fostering engagement with the Bitcoin community to generate anticipation and brand recognition.

Year two witnessed a strategic shift towards elevating the overall conference experience. Leveraging the established brand foundation from the first year, the focus transitioned to refining the visual elements and cultivating a more immersive and cohesive atmosphere. This resulted in a conference that not only exuded a more polished aesthetic but also delivered a richer and more engaging experience, solidifying Pacific Bitcoin's reputation as a leading event within the Bitcoin sphere.

The strategy

The strategy

Design with purpose

Year One and Two: Create cohesive elements that established a consistent look-and-feel

Jasmine joined the project only four months before the inaugural Pacific Bitcoin conference. While individual design elements were aesthetically pleasing, they lacked cohesion, creating a fragmented overall experience. To address this, Jasmine implemented a strategic approach focused on seamless brand recognition across all platforms.

The initial step involved meticulously refining the foundation. Font styles and color palettes were rigorously evaluated, ensuring visual appeal, legibility, and accessibility across diverse platforms. This established a solid base for the second year, where consistency became the driving force. By meticulously resolving previously identified inconsistencies, Pacific Bitcoin solidified its position as a premier conference. Consistency became the guiding principle, ensuring every element, from website design to social media graphics, contributed to a unified and professional image.

Beyond technical precision, Jasmine crafted distinctive brand imagery that resonated with the core identity of Pacific Bitcoin. This unique visual language fostered a deeper connection with the target audience, leaving a lasting impression. Additionally, the website was revamped to prioritize intuitive navigation and accessibility, creating a seamless experience for every attendee.

Through this strategic approach, Pacific Bitcoin's brand transcended mere visual appeal, evolving into a cohesive and recognizable force. This transformation positioned the conference to take center stage and deliver a memorable experience for the Bitcoin community.

Pacific Bitcoin primary lockupPacific Bitcoin wordmarkPacific Bitcoin combo markPacific Bitcoin icon
The Pacific Bitcoin logo is shaped like a surfboard to represent California, with the bottom edge representing the upward trend of the Bitcoin price.
Pacific Bitcoin style guide

Year Three: Create an evergreen brand that resonates beyond the festival

Building on the momentum of year two's brand consolidation and recognition efforts, year three marks a bold new chapter for the Pacific Bitcoin Festival. While the event itself has not yet taken place, year three plans to move beyond simply solidifying its position as a top-tier Bitcoin conference. The ambitious goal is to elevate the brand, expand its audience, and ultimately become a mainstream event.

Jasmine's first move involves ditching the "event-centric" content in favor of timeless, informative pieces that resonate beyond the festival. This "evergreen" strategy aims to attract a wider audience curious about Bitcoin, not just festival attendees. She has defined the brand's values and mission, providing a compass for content creation and ensuring everything resonates with the target audience, including the newly-identified high net-worth individuals.

Recognizing the need to transcend the Bitcoin bubble, Jasmine has opted for a neutral color palette that feels welcoming to a broader audience. Visuals across all platforms have been sharpened to project a polished and professional image. Social media has become a key battleground, and she has collaborated with the social media manager to craft a strategic Instagram approach. A bi-weekly newsletter is planned to keep the audience engaged and informed, nurturing brand loyalty.

The evergreen content will allow the Pacific Bitcoin Festival to reach a wider online audience, attracting individuals who wouldn't have considered the event before. Engaging high net-worth individuals demands a focused approach, so Jasmine is tailoring the social media presence and content to resonate with this demographic.

It is a collaborative effort demanding grit, creativity, and strategic thinking. Working with her team, Jasmine hopes to transform the Pacific Bitcoin Festival from a gathering into a distinct brand with a future as bright as Bitcoin itself.

Pacific Bitcoin Festival's 2024 brand guide
Example of a user persona
Example of image guidelines

View the full brand guide

The solution

The solution


Only fix what’s broken

Inheriting a chosen theme for Pacific Bitcoin, characterized by a nostalgic 1980s California theme, Jasmine's primary objective was to achieve seamless harmonization and refinement. This involved preserving existing elements that resonated with the chosen theme while strategically implementing adjustments to ensure overall cohesion.

To realize this vision, Jasmine embarked on several key initiatives. Firstly, she meticulously crafted a comprehensive brand guide, equipping the team with clear and consistent guidelines for maintaining brand identity across all platforms. Subsequently, she focused on elevating the brand through the development of a flexible logo that captured the essence of the 1980s California aesthetic while offering adaptability for diverse applications. Additionally, she curated a versatile color palette that fostered brand recognition and ensured visual harmony across all materials. Finally, Jasmine designed consistent marketing elements, culminating in a unified and polished presentation for all promotional materials.

As Director of Marketing Design at Swan and Brand Director for Events, Jasmine held the responsibility of designing the entirety of the event's merchandise, including swag items, branded signage, and marketing materials. This comprehensive approach ensured that every touchpoint seamlessly reflected the established 1980s California theme, contributing to a visually cohesive and engaging brand experience.

Website Design

In the inaugural year of Pacific Bitcoin, Jasmine collaborated with a third-party developer to address limitations within the existing website. The initial version faced challenges with readability and brand consistency, necessitating immediate improvements. Recognizing the time constraints, Jasmine provided valuable UX/UI insights to the developer, resulting in a significantly enhanced website that prioritized user-friendliness and brand alignment.

Year two witnessed Jasmine assume full leadership of the website project. Leveraging the Shopify platform, she spearheaded the creation of an entirely new website. This second iteration marked a substantial leap forward, surpassing its predecessor in aesthetics, content organization, functionality, and overall user experience. Additionally, the new website empowered the team through an efficient and user-friendly back-end, streamlining operational workflows.

Year three saw Jasmine continuing to lead the charge in further elevating the Pacific Bitcoin brand and its reach. Leveraging a newly created brand guide tailored for the target audience, she revamped the website for a more sophisticated and welcoming experience.

The refresh included swapping generic visuals with authentic photos, rewriting copy in a friendly and informative tone, and adopting the neutral color palette. Information on tickets, venues, and travel was expanded, while speaker profiles were enhanced with biographies and consistent visuals. Testimonials were added to showcase attendee experiences, and strategic calls to action guided visitors. Recognizing the power of content, Jasmine established a blog featuring insightful articles for both Bitcoiners and newcomers, solidifying Pacific Bitcoin's commitment to inclusivity, education, and fostering a thriving community.

Visit the website at pacificbitcoin.com

Year three website for pacificbitcoin.com


In the initial years of Pacific Bitcoin, Twitter served as the primary marketing platform, prompting the creation of numerous tailored elements specific to the platform. However, maintaining consistent branding and messaging across all platforms remained a core focus, ensuring the versatility of these elements.

Year three marks a strategic shift in marketing efforts, with an expanded focus that now encompasses Instagram and email newsletters alongside Twitter. This multi-platform approach aims to broaden reach and engagement with the target audience.

Year two social media images
The logo and branding for "The Orange League," a Bitcoin e-sports tournament sponsored by Swan
Year two promotional Twitter images created for sponsors and affiliates
Year two YouTube thumbnails created for the Swan YouTube channel

Event Signage

Pacific BItcoin check-in area
Year two Pacific Bitcoin welcome and check-in area
Custom basketball designed for Pacific Bitcoin Festival 2023
Pacific Bitcoin Festival 2023 photo opportunity
Pacific BItcoin basketball hoop
Pacific Bitcoin Magic Money Court
Pacific Bitcoin photo op
Pacific Bitcoin Festival 2022 photo opportunity


Swag Store: retail concept, merchandising, clothing design, schedule design
Pacific Bitcoin basketball jersey
Pacific Bitcoin Festival merchandise for sale