Water Bar

Simple ingredients. Clean taste. Extraordinary experience.




brand strategy
+ name generation
+ brand identity
+ web/e-commerce
+ packaging design
+ stationery design

Nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, California, Water Bar promises an upscale dining experience unlike any other. This concept resto-bar and distillery boasts its own handcrafted vodkas alongside a curated selection of over one hundred premium vodkas sourced from around the globe.

To complement these exquisite spirits, Water Bar features a menu of the finest quality seafood, meticulously prepared with a focus on sustainable and seasonal ingredients. This unique combination of culinary expertise and artisanal spirits promises an unforgettable experience for discerning palates.

The ask

The ask

Project scope

Pandemic? No problem.

With its prime location in the heart of Santa Monica, California, Water Bar faced the challenge of standing out in the vibrant culinary scene of Los Angeles. Recognizing this, Jasmine was entrusted with crafting a brand experience that conveyed a unique blend of upscale luxury and modern accessibility. This dual focus aimed to resonate with a discerning clientele seeking an elevated dining experience, while maintaining an inviting and approachable atmosphere.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic added another layer of complexity. The client, aware of potential future closures, emphasized the need for a brand experience that extended beyond the physical dining space. This forward-thinking approach ensured that Water Bar could connect with its audience and cultivate brand loyalty even amidst unforeseen circumstances.

Water Bar Hero Image
The strategy

The strategy

Design with purpose

Keep it simple.

To realize Water Bar's vision, Jasmine prioritized capturing the essence of their spirit, both literally and figuratively. Aligning with the clean taste and unpretentious nature of their distilled vodka, all elements of the brand identity embraced a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from their core offering, Jasmine adopted a literal approach to the name, selecting "Water Bar" to instantly convey their unique concept. The logo further reinforced this concept, incorporating a cleverly designed combination of a shot glass viewed from above, intertwined with symbolic representations of water and a bar. This visual narrative effectively communicated the brand's identity as a haven for vodka enthusiasts, while maintaining a sophisticated and timeless appeal.

The solution

The solution


Class is knowing what to say, when to say it and when to stop.

Jasmine's design approach for Water Bar was guided by a singular mantra: simplicity and luxury. Every design decision, from the logo to the overall aesthetic, was meticulously crafted to elevate the brand's image and position it as a premier destination in the Santa Monica culinary scene. This focus on sophistication without ostentation resonated with the client's vision of creating an upscale yet approachable experience for discerning guests.


Recognizing the global reach of Water Bar's vodka selection, Jasmine prioritized conveying this diversity within the brand identity. To visually represent the geographical origins of each vodka, she incorporated striking images of oceans and lakes situated near the respective distilleries.

This strategic approach not only served as a unique design element but also offered customers a captivating glimpse into the diverse world of vodkas offered at Water Bar, further solidifying its position as a haven for discerning spirit enthusiasts.


Water Bar's initial foray into the market will see the launch of a curated selection of five vodkas. Jasmine ensured that the packaging mirrored the brand's core values of simplicity and luxury. This minimalist approach aimed to achieve a dual purpose: firstly, it seamlessly aligned with the established brand identity, and secondly, it allowed the products to stand out on crowded shelves and captivate the attention of a diverse audience. The clean and sophisticated design resonated with Water Bar's vision of providing an accessible yet elevated vodka experience.

Web/E-Commerce Design

The website empowers customers to browse and purchase vodkas, explore the restaurant menu, order for delivery/pickup, and make reservations. This multifaceted platform fosters brand loyalty and convenience, allowing guests to interact with Water Bar on their own terms and experience its diverse offerings.