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Prop Shop is an online retailer specializing in product photography props and vinyl flat-lay backdrops, thoughtfully designed by photographers for photographers.

The company emerged in response to the growing wave of e-commerce brands and home-based photographers. Prop Shop's core mission is to simplify the process, ensuring accessibility and affordability for all creators, regardless of their skill level or financial resources. Their primary objective is to empower photographers to amplify their creativity and produce attention-grabbing images, leveraging a diverse array of unique photography props and backdrops.

Visit them at prop-shop.ca

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The "Shop the Look" feature on the Prop Shop website allows customers to hover over products in the image to shop directly for the product.
The ask

The ask

Project scope

Convey trust and quality, but simplicity and affordability as well

Jasmine embarked on a mission to establish a distinct brand in a market saturated with new competitors known for their reliance on low-quality, unaccountable drop-shipping practices. To carve out a unique space, she envisioned a brand and e-commerce platform that would not only instill trust and convey quality but also prioritize simplicity and affordability for the target audience. This strategic approach aimed to differentiate the brand from its competitors and resonate with consumers seeking a reliable and accessible shopping experience.

prop-shop.ca competitive analysis
Competitive Analysis: Competitors' branding is very heavily saturated with purple hues and light, feminine colours.
The strategy

The strategy

Design with purpose

Stand out from the crowd

Recognizing the need to stand out amidst a surge of competitors primarily reliant on low-quality drop-shipping practices, Jasmine embarked on a mission to establish a distinct brand for Prop Shop. This strategic endeavor commenced with a meticulous competitive audit, which served as the guiding force for crafting a unique brand identity.

Drawing upon the insights gleaned from the audit, Jasmine focused on several key areas to differentiate Prop Shop. She meticulously crafted unique fonts and color schemes that effectively set Prop Shop apart from the competition, fostering immediate brand recognition. Original and captivating imagery was carefully curated across the website and marketing channels, further solidifying Prop Shop's unique brand identity and captivating the target audience. Additionally, Jasmine prioritized establishing a website that exuded trustworthiness, fostering confidence and credibility among potential customers and reinforcing Prop Shop's commitment to quality and reliability.

Through this comprehensive approach, Jasmine successfully carved out a distinct space for Prop Shop within the competitive landscape, laying the foundation for continued success and establishing a brand that resonated with its target audience.

prop-shop.ca logoprop-shop.ca logoprop-shop.ca iconprop-shop.ca horizontal logo
By using orange as their brand colour and choosing a heavy, bold font, LABLMAKR purposely wanted to avoid the feminine feeling evoked by their competitors.
prop-shop.ca style guideprop-shop.ca style guideprop-shop.ca style guide
The solution

The solution


Build trust through transparency and authenticity

Prop Shop's brand identity was meticulously crafted to prioritize both trust and distinctiveness, ensuring a genuinely unique and authentic shopping experience for customers. Original, high-quality imagery played a crucial role in this strategy, showcasing products in a captivating and informative manner. Additionally, the website content embraced complete transparency, fostering confidence and credibility among potential customers. This commitment to transparency extended beyond product descriptions, encompassing details about sourcing, manufacturing, and customer service practices. By prioritizing both trust and distinctiveness in every decision, Jasmine successfully established Prop Shop as a brand that stood out from the competition and resonated with its target audience.


Prop Shop takes a deliberate stance on product imagery, opting to exclusively showcase original photographs with minimal reliance on third-party content. This strategic approach serves a dual purpose: firstly, it effectively differentiates Prop Shop from competitors who may utilize generic or stock photos, and secondly, it underscores the brand's unwavering focus on its products. By presenting original, high-quality images, Prop Shop empowers customers with accurate and detailed information about their potential purchases, fostering trust and transparency within the shopping experience.

prop-shop.ca product photographyprop-shop.ca product photographyprop-shop.ca product photographyprop-shop.ca product photographyprop-shop.ca product photographyprop-shop.ca product photographyprop-shop.ca product photography
prop-shop.ca product photographyprop-shop.ca product photographyprop-shop.ca product photography

Web/E-Commerce Design

Beyond the strategic use of original imagery, Jasmine ensured complete transparency permeated every aspect of the Prop Shop purchasing experience. Customers were empowered with effortless access to crucial information, encompassing details about shipping policies, return procedures, and other pertinent inquiries. Additionally, meticulously crafted product descriptions provided comprehensive insights into each offering, while regular updates kept customers informed and engaged. This unwavering commitment to transparency fostered trust and instilled confidence within the customer base, solidifying Prop Shop's position as a reliable and authentic brand.

prop-shop.ca website analysis
Prop Shop prioritizes customer ease with a clear and informative home page. Effortless navigation guides users through product categories, while insightful content highlights Prop Shop's unique value proposition.


prop-shop.ca product box
prop-shop.ca product boxprop-shop.ca product box

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